Anti Spam Policy

We hate spam as much as you do.

What are spams?

Spams are unsolicited, often commercial, messages sent to large number of recipients.
We understand that sending spams are not ethical and many people do not appreciate receiving them. We are here to protect you, our valued customers, from spammers.

What to do if a user is spamming you

Please contact us [email protected] if you believe that a Kedesa user is spamming you. Kindly include the messages you received and the sender ID so we can take suitable steps to solve it.

What happens if you spam?

Users who abuse the Kedesa platform are not treated lightly. If we feel you are sending spams or receiving too many complaints from users, we will do the following:
• Terminate your account
• Blacklist you from using our platform. You will not be able to use Kedesa again.
• We may take legal action against you.

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