Kedesa Api Documentation

Welcome to Kedesa API V2 Documentation

The kedesa Improved API allows you to use services Kedesa Inc offers in a simple, programmatic way using conventional HTTP requests. The endpoints are intuitive and powerful, allowing you to easily make calls to execute actions and to retrieve information.

All of the functionality that you are familiar with in the Kedesa control panel is also available through the API, allowing you to script the complex actions that your situation requires.

Base Url:

Content-Type: application/json.

Accept header: application/json.

Thank You

● All parameters are required unless otherwise stated.

Sending SMS

Sending an SMS is one of the most common tasks performed on the Kedesa Platform.

Method: POST

Endpoint: /sms/sendsms


Field Type Description
api_key String API key gotten from your dashboard
api_secret String API Secret gotten from your dashboard
source String Message Sender ID (Approved Sender ID or Device IDs)
destination String Mobile Number to which to Send message to (may or may not include country code), multiple mobile numbers should be separated by commas
message String Message Sender ID
channel String Type of Message to be sent (sms, whatsapp)

Request Sample:

    "api_key": "******",
    "api_secret": "*************",
    "source": "Kedesa",
    "destination": "2348068810228",
    "message": "Demo Message",
    "channel": "sms"

Sample POST Response:

    "status": "1701",
    "mobile": "2348012345678",
    "message_id": "63370fc3-0793-4635-8f70-726e1a6be9eb",
    "batch_id": "56729"

Status Codes:

Response Description
1701 Message Submitted Successfully
1702 Invalid URL Error, This means that one of the parameters was not provided or left blank
1703 Invalid value in username or password field
1709 User validation failed
1710 Internal Error
1025 Insufficient Credit
1715 Response Timeout

● If the destination mobile numbers does not contain country code, 234 will be assumed
● If other sender id which is not approved is used to send a sms message, the default sender id will be used to deliver the message
● Device IDs are used as sender id to send a whatsapp message. If an unapproved device id is used to send a whatsapp message, the default device id will be used to deliver the message and
● Along with the above errors codes, standard SMPP v3.4 error codes may also be returned where applicable.
● Apart from 1709, Please DO NOT RETRY re-sending the message for any other error code (including SMPP v3.4 Error codes ).
● For 1715, Do not re-submit the same message back again.


We will be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this API Documentation. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at Support Center.

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