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SMS (4)

A step-by-step guide to the send message process

    Register on www.kedesa.com
    Login with your registered username and your password
    Click on "Compose SMS" link
    In the "Sender ID" box, enter the name or phone number you want to be displayed on the receiver's' screen.
    In the "Recipients" box, enter the phone numbers you want to text
    Type your message in the "Message" field. Single text message contains a maximum 150 characters.
    Click on the "send" button.

Which countries does our coverage reach?

Nigeria, Other countries coming soon

Is there a limit the number of messages I can send at once?

Yes, the limit is 10 pages, and 1 page is 150 characters

How soon will I get a delivery report for messages sent?

As soon as the message gets delivered

Billing and Pricing (2)

Are Online payments options available?

Yes, you can buy units on the kedesa platform with your mastercard and visa card.

How are the credits calculated

Credits are sold at 1 Naira per unit. An SMS costs 2.5 units to send to all Networks

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