Database Cleaning

Identifies unused and inactive mobile numbers that companies have in their large number databases

Reduce SMS Costs

Helping you cut costs on mobile messaging and reach a fully-optimized user base.

Validate Numbers

You only reach the right users, saving you money and increasing communication effectiveness

HLR Solutions

HLR checking, sometimes called HLR query or HLR Lookup, provides a direct network level check against any GSM mobile number. The check can provide detailed information such as the original network a mobile number was assigned, if the number has been ported to a different network, which ported network it has moved to, if the mobile has been turned on recently and what country the mobile was last used. All checks are non-invasive and remotely performed - this means the user of the mobile does not see anything on their phone.

Active Numbers

Check number availability, validity and status in real-time on a global scale. This helps you reach the right users over the right channel

Ported Status

Enables real-time number portability lookups to optimize your message and voice routing. It includes all features of the Database Cleaning package.

Roaming Numbers

Primarily created for financial institutions, this package provides roaming information for optimized routing, prevention of ATM frauds and added validation options.

Number Type

Knowing the type of your numbers also help to reach the right users over the right channels, saving you money and increasing communication effectiveness.

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